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About Bill Berry

Bill Berry is a songwriter, performer, all-around funnyman, owner of Songwriter’s Square Records, as well as the producer/host of the monthly Los Angeles songwriter showcase, Songwriter’s Square!

Billy Berry. Rose Petals and Ashes

Rose Petals and Ashes . . .

. . . is here!   From the one-man show developed by Bill Berry in 2017, now available as mp3 download or CD purchase. Go to now to get your copy now!

It’s rare to see a show that is seamless. Bill Berry’s ‘Rose Petals and Ashes’ is seamless. The story is involving from the start, punctuated beautifully by phenomenal songs. I loved every minute.

-Harriet Schock, Platinum selling songwriter

photo cover of CD showing Bill Berry in a suit with CD title Awkward Stage

Awkward Stage

. . . is here! — and has been here! — so don’t put off getting’Awkward any longer!

Bill Berry has created an instant classic . . .
— Michael McDowell
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