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These songs make up the soundtrack to the award-winning, one-man show, “Rose Petals and Ashes”.

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Winner Hollywood Fringe Festival Platinum TVolution Award 2017

Rose Petals and Ashes – Songs from the Musical

In 2017 I decided to put some of my songs together and write what is known in the biz as a jukebox musical: a show based on the catalog of songs by a songwriter or songwriting team. The solo show, Rose Petals and Ashes (originally called The Brick), was a personal story of my bouts with drug addiction and my relationship with my mother who was an alcoholic. It digs into the reasons for her drinking, which go back to the horrors she experienced as a little girl in East Germany during World War II, and comes full circle as I share that my wife and I are expecting our first child. The story is true and one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my artistic life. The show won multiple awards and received some terrific reviews. This show album features six unreleased songs as well as brand new acoustic versions of four songs that were included on my first album, Awkward Stage. I continue to perform Rose Petals and Ashes in theaters and festivals in the US and Canada as well as halfway houses and rehab facilities throughout Southern California. I hope you enjoy this collection of songs.

– Bill Berry

Songwriter’s Square Records

Sample the Tracks:

Guitar & Vocals: Bill Berry

Produced by Ted Blaisdell

These songs make up the soundtrack to the award-winning, one-man show, “Rose Petals and Ashes”.
Recorded live before a studio audience at Lizard House Studios, Culver City, CA

  1. The Brick 3:19
  2. The Piano Tuner With The Lazy Eye 4:45
  3. Jailbirds 3:58
  4. Sweet Mystery (Rose Petals and Ashes 4:28
  5. Train To Hamburg 4:12
  6. Two Crows 3:45
  7. Cockfight In Tickfaw 4:22
  8. The Outfielder 3:17
  9. The Day We Stole Steve Martin 5:28
  10. Crabs 4:57

All songs Music and Lyrics by Bill Berry ©2018 Cadence On The Plow Music (BMI)
© 2018 Songwriters Square Records — All Rights Reserved.

Winner the Encore! Producer's Award 2017

Theater reviews for Rose Petals and Ashes:

As an actor, Berry is naturally open and vulnerable. As a musician, he flies. At this performance, the audience was so acutely tuned to his energy I don’t even think they realized they were singing softly along with him on “Two Crows,” a haunting song about the wisdom of age. That kind of organic connection is something that cannot be manufactured and I found it to be incredibly powerful. It helps that he knows how to write a song with a hook that stays with you even after you’ve left the theater.
– Broadway World


Berry comes across as one of the rarest forms of performers in these times of ours – the balladeer.  Whether singing of a youthful escapade to steal a store display of Steve Martin or of finding himself as a teenager infected with a bad case of the crabs, the songs he sings are melodic morality lessons. Not to be missed!
– The Reviews


The songs, some personal, some allegorical, all come together to paint a picture of a man coming to terms with his life. By the end of the show Bill manages to make the audience part of his family, spoon feeding us in music and lyric the stuff that makes a man what he is.
– Folkworks Magazine


A tremendously moving show, disguised as an evening of comic songs. the burdens of childhood, how one moves forward with an emotionally absent parent, the struggle to assemble the broken pieces through art;
all this plus the sensibility of the great music/comics: Stan Freberg, Dave Frishberg, and Tom Lehrer.
– Reviewer P.L., Hollywood Fringe Festival


It’s rare to see a show that is seamless. Bill Berry’s “Rose Petals and Ashes” is seamless. The story is involving from the start, punctuated beautifully by phenomenal songs. I loved every minute.
–Reviewer H.S., Hollywood Fringe Festival


You’d be crazy to miss it!
– Broadway World